Display, or syndicate, eBay items you are selling, bidding on or watching on your website or blog with eBayBox. Supported ebay sites are .com (USA), .co.uk (United Kingdom), .ca (Canada), .nl (Netherlands), .it (Italy), .com.au (Australia), .at (Austria), .ch (Switzerland) .de (Germany), .be (Belgium/Dutch), .be (Belgium/French) and .fr (France)

eBayBox uses ASP.Net and the eBay REST API.

To create your eBayBox click here to retreive an eBay authentication token, once you have accepted the authentication you will be transferred back to this page and your eBay authentication token will be pre-filled into the relevant box below. Fill out the rest of the form and press submit. The eBay Authentication Token should last about 18 months before needing renewal.

NB: I do not store any information regarding your eBay authentication token, eBay username or items you are selling, bidding on or watching.

If you have a problem with eBayBox then please use my contact form to report it to me - I can't fix errors unless I know about them.