The Amazon Sidebar lets users of Internet Explorer, Opera, Seamonkey/a>, or Firefox, or search Amazon sites from the sidebar. It also includes a link so you can save searches in RSS format.

Supported Amazon sites are .com (USA), .ca (Canada), (United Kingdom), .fr (France), .de (Germany) and (Japan).

To see what the sidebar looks like then have a look at the screenshots on the right hand side of this page.

To install the Amazon Sidebar click on the relevant link below.

If you are using Firefox click on the Mozilla link to install the sidebar. In Firefox the sidebar will be accessible from your Bookmarks folder.

To use the sidebar for Internet Explorer, if you are using IE6 on XP SP2 then you need to install the files below, right-click on the link below and choose 'Add to Favorites'. You can now access the sidebar from your Favorites. To install the sidebar with QuickSearch see below

If you wish to use a different Amazon Associate ID with the above sidebars, either for personal use or to have on your own website then you can purchase this ability at £25.00 per country or £100.00 for all six countries.

Fill in the form below to purchase the customised sidebar and upon receipt of payment I will send you customised links via email, and customised registry files for use with IE6 on XP SP2, which will let you install the sidebars and the code so you can have them on your own website. If you pick all countries then leave a space between each countries Associate ID in the text field below. If you wish to have a customised Firefox XPI then contact me.


There is a sidebar, Amazon Mini Shop, extension for Firefox (1.5.* - 3.0). If you wish to install it then click install sidebar, or from, and from

If you are using IE 6 on XP SP2 then install the sidebar using the registry install at the bottom of this page. If you are using IE7 or Firefox2 then you can install my Amazon searches for the IE7 and Firefox2 searchbars from my OpenSearch page.

If you are looking for Amazon search plugins for either Mozilla or Firefox then have a look at my search plugins page to install them.

To install the Amazon Sidebar with Amazon QuickSearch follow these instructions: