Due to Amazon removing the ability to get lists from their API AmazonBox is no more. Thanks to everyone who has used this service over the years.

Display your amazon wishlist, a listmania list, your wedding registry,a baby registry or your marketplace seller items on your website with amazonbox, utilising the amazon api (ECS 4) and ASP.Net.

Supported Amazon sites are .com (USA), .ca (Canada), .co.uk (United Kingdom), .de (Germany), .fr (France), and .co.jp (Japan).

If you create a new Listmania list, Wishlist, Wedding Registry, Baby Registry or become a new Marketplace Seller then wait at least 24 hrs before trying to create an amazonbox.

To create your AmazonBox fill in the form below.

If you have a problem with AmazonBox then please use my contact form to report it to me - I can't fix errors unless I know about them.

If you are retrieving your Amazon WishList, a Listmania list, a Wedding Registry or a Baby Registry you can choose to receive it in one of the syndication formats, either RSS or Atom, which gives you the freedom to display the list anyway you want.

The screenshots on the left show Atom and RSS Amazon Wishlist / Listmania feeds.

You can use the links below to find out how to find the Amazon ID for the particular list you want. The 'Search for List ID's' link is only valid for WishLists, Wedding Registries and Baby Registries (US only).

[How to find your Amazon List ID] | [Search for List ID's]



Options for WishList, Listmania, Wedding & Baby Registries only