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AmazonBox: this lets you display a wishlist, listmania list, your wedding registry or marketplace seller items list from Amazon .com, .ca,, .de, .fr or

eBayBox: display eBay auctions from .com (USA), (United Kingdom), .ca (Canada), .nl (Netherlands), .it (Italy), (Australia), .in (India), .at (Austria), .ch (Switzerland) .de (Germany), .be (Belgium/Dutch), .be (Belgium/French) and .fr (France) on your website or blog.

Amazon Sidebar: search Amazon from the sidebar of either Internet Explorer, Opera, Seamonkey, or Firefox.

Ruby PhishTank API Module


The PhishTank API module is my first stab at some Ruby coding. It implements the check url, submit url, ping, frob and application key, and request / revoke token parts of the PhishTank API. It also includes a sample Ruby script to demonstrate how it works. Full instructions for using the module are included in a README.

Latest release is 1.0




GrabNews is ASP code for 'grabbing' and displaying RDF / RSS / Atom syndicated feeds on your website. Now displays icon if there is a podcast associated with a feed item.

As featured on Content Wire

Latest release is 1.9



download - demo

A PicturePod is a pop-up image viewer for a gallery of images.


CD-Rom Control

download - project page - screenshot

A GUI for mounting / umounting and ejecting the CD-Rom drive.

Latest release is 3.9

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Discontinued Applications

All the applications listed here have been discontinued development by me. They all come under the GPL, so if anyone wishes to take on development for themselves feel free to download them and continue. If you let me know I will include a link to the new development website.


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